Tim + Leigh - Midtown Engagement - Oklahoma City

I just love Midtown! It was just a little chilly, but overall nice weather for an engagement session. Tim and Leigh made it so easy with their natural affection and real smiles. There is so much love between them and it shows! 

Abby + Eric - Norman, Oklahoma Maternity

When Eric asked, "have you guys ever been to Hogwarts?" I have to say, I was more than a little confused. That is, until we walked inside the Bizell Memorial Library on the University of Oklahoma campus - the architectural style and design was straight out of Harry Potter! I wanted to shout Expecto Patronum, but that didn't seem entirely appropriate considering all the hard-studying students. All in all, it was a chilly evening but these two were great sports and we had a good time! 

CJ + Emilia - Norman, Oklahoma

These two are seriously the cutest. We got to relax a little, play some fun games, and really enjoy our session! We couldn't have asked for better weather either! I hope you feel the happiness I do - it's all over their faces!